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Drones and data set to revolutionise the UK agricultural insurance market

Iprosurv, the UK’s leading aerial survey, inspection and mapping provider, has entered into a partnership with US-based agricultural surveying specialists, Sentera, in a move that will change the way agricultural risks are managed and insured in the UK. 

The deal sees the full Sentera suite of sensors, software and analytics made available to Iprosurv’s existing fleet of over 400 drones. The new capability, a UK first, will enable Iprosurv to bring a new level of analytical detail to crop management and provide growers with the insight necessary to react before a crop is lost.  

Using colour and multi-spectral imagery to create a field ‘heat map’, the new tech gives growers and their insurers a level of data and insight that has not been available previously. 

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The sensors provided by Sentera determine the health of a crop by analysing the light reflected by the crop leaves, down to individual plants. This allows the software to map out the health profile of a crop, enabling growers and insurers to take immediate and targeted remedial action. 

This allows insurers to underwrite at a much more granular level which should lead to more accurate premium pricing and claims pay-outs for growers. 

Rebecca Jones, CEO and co-founder of Iprosurv, predicted that the new capabilities would fundamentally change the way agricultural risks in the UK are managed and how insurers understand and price them.  

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Commenting on the partnership and the implications for the UK agricultural sector, co-founder and Director of New Strategic Ventures at Sentera, Greg Emerick, said: 

“We’re excited to be working with Iprosurv to deliver the precision and efficiency of Sentera’s technology to agriculture professionals. Sentera’s solutions provide insights to growers, agronomists and retailers driving economic value up across the agriculture sector by reducing costs and improving production.   

“This same data is also being used to drive efficiencies for crop insurance claims adjusting and policy writing.” 

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The partnership is now live and the technology available to Iprosurv’s fleet of over 400 drones covering the UK. The capability will also be made available, via Iprosurv, to other drone operators on a commercial basis. 

About Iprosurv

Iprosurv was launched in 2014 by Rebecca and Shane Jones, who saw the potential of drone technology in pioneering a new type of visual-inspection service for businesses.

We supply high-quality visual intelligence and market-leading insight data to industries across the UK and around the world, using our network of expert drone pilots.

Whether your inspection needs are simple and standard or large and technically challenging, Iprosurv’s solutions are faster, more efficient and better value than traditional inspections.

We specialise in delivering tailored solutions using our state-of-the-art drones.

These can be deployed in situations where it would be too dangerous to send a person to evaluate the condition of a structure or the severity of any damage – for example, where there is extreme noise or heat, or noxious fumes.

We also offer media access, transfer and storage, and comply fully with all relevant regulations – giving you peace of mind, whatever your inspection requirements.

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