Rustler, Bandit, Stampede, or Slash?

October 27, 2020 0 Comments

With a lineup of Ready-to-Race cars and trucks over 60 models deep, there’s a Traxxas vehicle for everyone—or maybe five or six! For new drivers, budget-conscious experts, and anyone looking for a fast, fun, affordable RC machine, four Traxxas models in particular are always top choices: the Bandit, Rustler, Stampede and Slash “2WD” editions. All four share essential components that make them incredibly rugged and versatile vehicles, with unique chassis, bodies, wheels and tires that make them completely different. Which one is right for you?

What They Share

The 2WD models share a few proven components that make them some of the toughest and most reliable models in the Traxxas lineup. Added bonus: because these parts are shared among four highly popular models, virtually every hobby store on the planet with an RC department has parts and accessories for the Bandit, Stampede, Rustler, and Slash. Here’s what you get with each 2WD model:

Chassis comparison
Although they share many components, each 2WD model’s wheelbase, width, and chassis configuration is customized for its mission as a buggy, stadium, truck, monster truck, and short-course truck.

XL-5 Speed Control and Titan 550 Motor
The Traxxas XL-5 speed control and Titan 550 motor deliver reliable, proven power to push the Stampede and Slash to 30+ mph, and over 35 mph in the more aerodynamic Bandit and Rustler. The high-torque Titan motor gives the 2WD models powerful acceleration, and the XL-5 speed control is waterproof for all-weather, all-conditions actions. Are you gifting a 2WD model to a new driver? You can activate Training Mode to reduce speed and power by half so they can learn the controls without having to worry about holding back the reins.

XL-5 and Titan motor

The XL-5 speed control and Titan 550 motor power more models than any other combo in the RC hobby.

Magnum 272 Brushless-Ready Transmission
The transmission is the hardest-working part of an RC car, so Traxxas goes all-out for durability here. All of the Magnum 272 transmission’s internal gears are steel and spin on ball-bearings for years of reliable running, with all the strength required for high-output brushless power if you decide to upgrade to the Velineon power system down the road and take advantage of the Traxxas Power-Up Program. Telescoping driveshafts send power to the wheels through strong, efficient universal joints, and any shocks and jolts that might strain the main gears are softened by the adjustable Torque-Control Slipper Clutch.

Magnum 272 transmission and driveshaftPremium drivetrain components make the 2WD models extra rugged and reliable.

Independent Suspension with Oil-Filled Ultra Shocks
Nothing beats independent suspension and long-travel shock absorbers for secure all-terrain handling and soaking up bumps, jolts, and jump landings. Traxxas Ultra Shocks are some of the best in the business. They’re filled with silicone oil and piston-damped just like full-size shocks, and feature dual X-ring seals for lasting performance. Each 2WD model gets its own custom springs selected to hit the sweet spot between soft and stiff for versatile all-terrain handling and big-hit resistance.

Ultra ShocksUltra Shocks are oil-filled and piston-damped for a refined ride.

Waterproof Electronics
When you imagine off-road adventure, we bet blasting through water and mud is in the picture. Traxxas makes it possible with waterproof electronics and a watertight receiver enclosure for all-weather, all-conditions fun and freedom. Mud, snow, puddles, and other wet conditions won’t foul your gear, and dust and dirt are sealed out too.

Waterproof electronicsGo ahead, blast through that puddle—waterproof electronics shrug off splashes.

TQ 2.4GHz Radio System
Comfortable control is what the TQ transmitter is all about. The ergonomic grip and foam-wrapped wheel are a pleasure to hold, and the antenna is fully enclosed inside the case so it can’t get bent or broken. The 2.4GHz signal makes every command feel responsive and precise, and lets you race other cars and trucks without interference or channel worries.

Traxxas TQ radioSimple, comfortable, reliable—just what you need for easy RC fun.


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