Wide World of TRX-4 Sports: Part 2

October 28, 2020 0 Comments

Red Competition Camper Parts List
  • 82024-4 TRX-4 Sport RTR
  • 8112 TRX-4 Sport body with camper
  • 8080 Narrow inner fenders
  • 2255 High-Torque 400 Brushless servo
  • 8260R Red-anodized GTS shocks (x2)
  • 8043 GTS Springs, 0.30 rate (x2)
  • 8167X Stainless hardware for Method 105 beadlocks
  • 8247X Metal servo horn
  • 8088 LED Bumper bar
  • 8028 LED power supply
  • 2262 High-Output BEC
  • 8119 Snorkel and side mirrors set
  • 8118 Spare tire mount
  • 8169R Red 1.9” beadlock rings
  • 8173 Method 105 1.9” beadlock wheels, black chrome (x3)
  • 8170 Canyon Trail 1.9” tires (x3)

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The #8112 Sport camper body includes all the decals and window masks you need.

Wheels and Tires
The Method 105 beadlock wheels are sold without rings, so you can choose any color you like. We went red, you can also get the rings in black, green, blue, orange, and silver. The beadlock rings include black screws, which we replaced with the #8167X stainless steel screw kit for corrosion resistance and their beautiful shine.

Steering Authority
The #2255 High-Torque 400 brushless servo’s 400 oz.-in. of torque represents a 220% boost in steering power of the Sport’s 2075X servo. We paired it up with the #8247X metal servo horn to make sure all that twist reaches the tires.

Brushless 400 servo
Metal servo horn

The #2262 High-Output BEC makes certain the 400 servo delivers full steering power without pulling down receiver voltage. It installs under in the receiver box, and the BEC kit includes a taller receiver box lid and fresh seals. With the servo installed you can also see the rock lights in the fender wells. As with the silver Sport, we added the #8080 narrow inner fenders to support the lights. The fender set also includes the shelf ahead of the servo.

LED Light Bar
The way the #8088 light bar tucks into the bumper is super satisfying, and it puts plenty of lumens onto the trail. This shot also shows off the #8119 snorkel set, which includes the side-view mirrors.

Bumper light bar
Installed accessories

Spare Tire Carrier
Adding a rear-mounted spare tire is easy, just install the #8118 carrier. It fits between the bumper and bumper mount, and is compatible with all TRX-4 models. Note the hex that keeps the tire from rotating on the mount, and foam-padded arms that protect the tailgate.

Spare tire carrier
Installed tire carrier

We went red with the GTS shocks by swapping the silver stockers for fully-assembled red-anodized versions (#8260R gets you a pair). They also really pop in the fender wells when the rock lights are on! For a lower-cost color change, you can get individual red-anodized shock bodies (#8266R) and rebuild the shocks with the new bodies.

GTS shocks
Installed shocks

We had one of our primo painters lay down the hex grid graphic, but you could also get this look with a solid red paint job and a hand-cut vinyl decal. Hit the airplane section of your favorite hobby store for “trim tape” in solid and metallic colors, it’s perfect for creating custom stick-on graphics.

Finished Competition Camper

TRX-4 Comparison Guide

The projects featured in this build series are based on the Sport Unassembled Kit and Sport RTR models. Another great option for a custom TRX-4 build is the #82016 Chassis Kit, which leaves body selection up to you but includes front and rear T-Lock differentials, High / Low transmission, and all the required electronics. Here’s a chart that shows how the Sport RTR and kit options stack up:

Comparison Chart
TRX-4 Sport KitTRX-4 Sport Kit
TRX-4 Chassis KitTRX-4 Chassis Kit

The TRX-4 Sport Kit includes a clear body with LED-ready grille and tailgate. Electronics choices are up to you. Like the sport RTR, the axles have spools instead of differentials, and the transmission is a single-speed. The TRX-4 Chassis Kit is fully loaded with T-Lock differentials, High / Low transmission, plus all the required electronics. Body choice is left to you. The tall rear body mount is supplied so you can mount pickup or SUV-style bodies.

T-Lock differential kitT-Lock Differential Kit
Two-speed conversion kitTwo-speed conversion kit

You can add T-Lock differentials and High/Low remote-shift transmission capability to the TRX-4 Sport models with the #8195 T-Lock differential kit and #8196 two-speed conversion kit. All the required parts are in there, including the servos. You’ll also need to equip your truck with the #6507R TQi 4-channel radio system to operate the transmission and differentials.

That’s marks the end of our TRX-4 Sport build series. If you haven’t already read Part 1, you can check it out here. Click on the link below to see more exciting TRX-4 builds.


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