Gold Seal Offers Scholarships for Impacted Pilots

December 11, 2020 0 Comments

Gold Seal wants to help—and so it’s offering its comprehensive ground school courseware for private pilots for free to 100 students who have been impacted in 2020 by COVID-19 restrictions and fallout. “We started this program back in May,” said Gold Seal founder, Russ Still. “After carefully going through the stories of over 1,000 students, we selected 100 for the free scholarships. This provided full Gold Seal ground school enrollment to people who had suffered unfortunate hardship because of the pandemic.”

Now, Still is ready for another round of applicants. Because the economic challenges continue as winter sets in, he knows that the need for relief continues as well. With the program valued at $200, this translates into a $20,000 giveaway to budding pilots. Any student who has been affected adversely by the pandemic can submit their story to Still for consideration for the free training. “The company is specifically seeking people who have been forced to stop their training because of job or income loss,” Still explained in a press release. “One hundred will be selected for full free access to Gold Seal’s online ground school. This includes every bit of ground training that a student pilot needs. It takes aspiring flyers from the FAA written test all the way to the check ride.”

In order to apply, go to the website and complete the scholarship application. “It’s a difficult job picking just a hundred,” said Still. “We are looking for the most compelling stories. Tell us how COVID has impacted your training plans. We really want to keep you motivated and moving forward in aviation.”


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